WJSS Weekend Sounds: Tribute to Nelson Mandela

8 Dec

Many of you know I write daily poems made from my friends’ status updates on facebook.  On Thursday night, I wrote a poem in honor of the passing of one of my, and the world’s, greatest heros, Nelson Mandela.  I am sad that he is gone from the planet, but in my heart can celebrate the tremendous gift of courage, persistence, love and forgiveness that he modeled for all of us.    Here is the poem written from the many voices expressing their gratitude for the great Nelson Mandela, followed by a tribute song, Mr. Mandela by Trenton and Free Radical featuring the Cape Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. (more…)

facebook dailymades (from your status updates)

oh my, Nelson
Mandela died
from prison
to president
on a platform
of peace
a pure example of
courage and grace
the hero of our time
our generation will
always remember
his fight
it has been an honor
to share this life time
with Nelson Mandela
this man was a
universal king
in my life
I loved him
without ever
coming face to
face with him
I’m asking myself
in his memory
and honor
what does the life
I’m capable of
living look like?
the answer
is simple and clear.
thank you, Nelson Mandela.

fb friend contributors:  Diana Fox, Denitra Letrice, Samantha Dinerman Fung, Kelly Quinn, Rebekah Butler, Adrienne Wallace, Phyllis Wilder Unterschuetz, Justine Jungels Bevilacqua, Wendy Lawton

As promised here’s this week’s music selection, I picked up on from my friend Cathy posting it on facebook the other day. It’s Mr. Mandela by Trenton and Free Radical featuring the Cape Philharmonic Youth Orchestra

source:  www.youtube.com, Mr. Mandela by Trenton and Free Radical featuring Cape Philharmonic Youth Orchestra posted by trentonfreeradical

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