Why Are You Wearing Those Michael Jackson Earrings?

25 Jun

Why are you wearing those Michael Jackson earrings?” the adult patient asked me at the hospital I work for.  “Is there a special reason?…Or, do you just like him or something?”

Some of the patients who have been in the hospital before and know me, know the MJ earrings, and know the answer all too well.  But, this new patient didn’t, so I told him…I told him that, yes, I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson’s when I was growing up.  That I loved Michael ever since he was with the Jackson 5, and mostly kept up with him (a big understatement) until the late 80’s, after his Thriller and Bad albums.  That I thought he was an amazing entertainer, one of the best of the 20th century, and that I was sad of what his life seemed to become in his later years.

I’ve learned that I have to explain Michael Jackson to younger people–people in their 20’s and under, that seem to mostly remember the Michael of the far-too-many plastic surgeries, the Michael that was accused of child molestation.  I see it in their eyes when I tell them I’m a fan; that I’m obsessed.  I can see them, sometimes cringing, their eyes asking why?  I tell them because I want them to take note of and remember his vast talent; the contributions he made to music, dance, and the music video medium.

So, yes, I wore my Michael Jackson earrings to work on Saturday, and I unconsciously chose to wear an MJ t-shirt for my morning walk the next day.  And, then it hit me.

It’s the anniversary of Michael’s passing, and I was doing what people do when an anniversary of the passing of a loved one nears.  It had taken me several years to realize the anxious stomach and sadness that befell me every summer was connected to my mother’s passing away in August.  Even though she’s been gone for twenty-four years now, I’ll still catch myself feeling blue and thinking about daisies and black-eyed susans, her favorite flowers, around her anniversary, and then realize why that is.  I believe I was unconsciously doing the same thing with the earrings and the t-shirt.

Later that day at the hospital, the patient who had asked me about the earrings, sang out Michael’s famed, high-note woohoo! when I passed by.  The surrounding patients and I all had a good laugh.  I got the last laugh though when I held my hand up, showing off the one, albeit, latex glove I happened to have on.

“See, I’ve got the glove.  And, watch out, next time, I feel a moonwalk coming on!”

We’ll never forget your moonwalk, Michael.  Thanks for the memories.  I’ve posted Billie Jean and Michael’s famous moonwalk here before, so I’ve chosen a classic that goes with the Wendy Jane’s Soul Shake theme of connecting across colorlines:  Black and White.

SOURCE:  www.youtube.com, Michael Jackson, Black and White, VEVO


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