Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds (Leni’s pick) : Bruno Mars – Young Girls

29 Jun

My daughter Leni and I were two lucky gals who got to see Bruno Mars in concert this week.  Bruno may be short, but Leni and I agree, he is a powerhouse!  His singing, dancing and showmanship, outstanding!  So many singers only sound good on their studio-enhanced recordings, but Bruno’s voice is rich, textured and powerful.  The band, with a great horn section, and the back-up singers were tight.

I want to call him, like friends of mine have intimated, my MJ replacement.  I think in time, I can.

This weekend’s song pick is from Leni–her favorite:  Young Girls.

The video on youtube posted by Prince Kiki, in which Bruno performs for a French audience,  had these comments posted below.  I agree with the French guy–give the audience a break–so what if they can’t clap in time?

American gal: whoo, how can people clapping off the key so badly xD

French guy: Bruno Mars is an american singer. It’s very rare for us, french people to have a chance to see him perform live in a TV show, and you have like 1 chance in a million to be a part of the audience. People were just very excited and wanted to show how much they appreciate him, by doin’ something, and they were clapping. It’s not pretty, but it’s not that bad. Don’t be so hard on them. Let them be happy. And be happy that Bruno Mars is from your country, we only have one concert date in Paris.




SOURCE:  www.youtube.com, posted by prince kiki, Bruno Mars – Young Girls (Live- Le Grand Journal)

Photo credit: www.last.fm

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