Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: Jocelyn Brown – Somebody Else’s Guy

17 Mar

For all my fellow, or should I say, sister divorcees, and single ladies, in honor of that time you are standing in line at the cafe, ready to order your morning coffee, and you notice some cute guy standing over to the side, and get all flushed, and then you spot that glint of gold on his wedding ring hand…and you realize…that…

he’s somebody else’s guy.

At least Jocelyn Brown’s otherworldly, powerful voice and the funky bass line in Somebody Else’s Guy makes me wanna dance instead of cry tears in my chai.

And because I couldn’t decide between the straight original disco version that I remember from my club days, a kick-ass live performance, or a more recent stripped down version, I’m going to post all three, and let you decide your favorite.

More recent stripped down version

Original Disco Version

Kick-Ass Live Performance



SOURCE:  www.youtube.com

stripped down version posted by Tamzin Haughton

disco version posted by SniPShoT4xXxbenJi

kick-ass live version posted by discoclubmoon



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