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This Post Coulda’ Been A Contender

17 Aug

As I drove toward my hometown of Waterbury, Connecticut yesterday, while visiting my sister who now lives a few towns over, I searched for songs on the radio that would match the anticipation of eating my favorite pizza  from Dominick and Pia’s–pizza I’ve been eating for over 30 years, pizza with the thinnest, crispiest crust, mellow tomato sauce, and I swear there must be some kind of magic unicorn dust sprinkled in with the cheese, because it makes all other pizza cheeses taste like Elmer’s Glue.

What was even better than my anticipation of getting my mouth around a slice of that pizza, was the brainstorm of ideas that flooded my head about the perfect post I could write for my blog.  I hadn’t intended to get pizza for the purpose of writing a post, but as I drove toward downtown Waterbury, the vision became clear.  Only problem was, that when I stepped up to the doorway, I was met with this news….. […]