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Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: Two Songs By Aloe Blacc (and an aside with Bruno Mars)

6 Apr

aloeblacc-vfno-rome-livincool.com-5-of-8I just bought Aloe Blacc’s new CD, Lift Your Spirit, and there are so many good songs it was hard to select just one, so for now I’m posting two.  Aloe’s collection of sounds range from Motown to R&B to inspirational anthems, every one of them worth a listen.

My first selection Can You Do This? is a super-fun retro dance tune in which Aloe has his eye on a gal he might like but first he wants to know if she can dance.

I love the song on it’s own, but I couldn’t help but think of how when  watching the most recent Billboard Music Awards, Bruno Mars came on and sang Treasure, and I said to myself, “my next man has got to be someone who I can dance with–he has to be able to do this–the Bruno Mars move my eye happened to catch at the moment I had that thought.

I’m not sure if I will honestly make my next potential mate pass the Bruno Mars Treasure dance test–do you think I should?

Here’s Aloe Blacc with his song test, Can You Do This?


Whoa!  I just found something out.  I’ve been listening to this next tune while driving and really like its groove, but then I watched the video, and was blown away by its message.  I don’t want to give it away, but it relates directly to my recent blog post, I Should Tell You About Everett Company, Stage & School’s The Freedom Project (Instead Of My MJ Magazine.)

Aloe Blacc says Love Is The Answer.  I say I can’t love Aloe Blacc enough.

(VEVO disabled the embed function for this video, but please click on the link below.  You won’t be sorry you did.)




SOURCE:  www.youtube.com, Bruno Mars, Treasure, Billboard Music Awards, posted by TheRegD

www.youtube.com, Aloe Blacc, Can You Do This, Love Is The Answer, VEVO