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Anti-White Bias? Racial Profiling For Whites? Read on!

15 Aug

You have to read these two blog posts from one of my new favoritest (that’s a word–so what if spell-check doesn’t think so) blogs on race and racism, Race Files by Scot Nakagawa.

In this first post, Scot poses the question, Why Don’t We Racially Profile Whites, since we have been so at the ready to racially profile blacks and other people of color.  He, and anti-racist educator/speaker/author, Tim Wise, have some very wise (yes, I just used the word wise again:) thoughts regarding the creation, or lack thereof, of a profile for persons who commit school, and other mass shootings.  Be sure to also check out Scot’s follow-up post, written after he gave some thought to a commentator’s point-of-view on the original post:  More On Racially Profiling Whites.

Finally, I happened to see a twitter link to an article on a Tufts University website TuftsNow, titled, Whites Believe They Are Victims of Racism More Often Than Blacks.

The article, which was written in May of 2011, reveals results from a study conducted by researchers at Tufts and Harvard.  I feel this article relates to the Race Files posts, which trace the history of white supremacy born out of a strong desire (understatement) to control just that–that whites stay on top, and that black people, who were seen as sub-human by groups like the KKK, were kept at bay, and couldn’t infringe on all the opportunities that should be had only by white people–economic independence, quality education, and social justice.

While the article doesn’t give specifics, I wonder if the people that believe in anti-white bias, are the same people who wish to do away with affirmative action in the areas of employment and admission to higher education institutions.  Or even the same people, who in Tim Wise’s book, White Like Me, complain that their children were passed over on sports teams in favor of black children who were simply assumed to be better in sports because of their skin color.

What say you?


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