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Happy Birthday Declaration of Independence

4 Jul

Happy 4th, everyone!

I’m enjoying this day swimming and sunning and picnicing with my Dad, his wife, my neice, and my daughters.

This being the anniversary of the signing of The Declaration of Independence, I am posting Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday song here.  Sure, it’s a birthday tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr., but isn’t that one of the ideals of the Declaration in the first place–that all men are created equal?

It’s 2012, forty-four years after MLK died.  Are we all created equal?





Wendy Jane’s Saturday Sounds: Ebony and Ivory

24 Mar

How could I resist?

An 80’s  tribute to racial harmony from Stevie Wonder and Sir Paul that speaks directly to the shake  in Wendy Jane’s Soul Shake.  People might say I’m a Pollyanna, but back when this song came out, even though publicly we may have denounced it for it’s cheesiness, we all sang along, as if we were wishing upon a star, as if it were already true.

ebony…ivory….living together in perfect harmony…