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Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: Sixto Rodriguez – I’ll Slip Away

19 Jan

Isn’t the way the universe works so awesome?

Yesterday I met a new friend, Keith,  on facebook.  We connected through our mutual friend, Chachi Carvalho, who everyone here in Rhode Island (and Cape Verde, too) knows because he’s an amazing hip-hop artist, and even more amazing youth and community change advocate.   Chachi had posted about an event in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.,  hosted by College Unbound promoting adult higher education.

Keith, an educator, gave an empowering talk at the event about how we can have a better life when we work hard for something like getting an education..”the important thing is that through education you change yourself, and then you can change the person next to you, and then that travels down the street, and throughout Providence…” and, so it goes..and so did it go that in ten minutes someone I just met, reminded us all how one person can change the world.

What does this have to do with WJSS Weekend Sounds?  Well, Keith had mentioned Sixto Rodriguez’s music to me.  Rodriguez was an all-but-forgotten 70’s folk singer from Detroit, who had some modest success back then, but dropped out of the music business in the mid-70’s after his recording contract was cancelled due to lack of record sales.

Unbeknownst to Rodriguez, who stayed in Detroit, after briefly touring Australia in the late 70’s, he had a huge fan base in South Africa.  It turns out in the late 1990’s,  two of those fans went on a quest to find out what happened to the possibly ill-fated singer, as it was rumored that Rodriguez commit suicide in the 70’s.

The story and results of their search are told in the documentary film, “Searching For Sugarman,” which I have still yet to see.  Listening to Rodriguez’s music today–his velvety voice, and stirring lyrics, and my need for something to inspire, makes me want to watch the movie tonight, or at least listen to more of his songs.

Yesterday I made a new friend, got inspired by a musician I and many others  had never known, while on the other side of the world millions loved him, and he didn’t know.  I got to get inspired first-hand by some of our most talented poets, speakers, rappers and musicians right here in Lil’ Rhody.  Funny how the universe works, and gives you what you need.


Source:  www.wikipedia.com

www.youtube.com, Sixto Rodriguez, I’ll Slip Away, posted by Filip Todorovic

photo credit:  www.rocksubculture.com