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Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: All Night Long by the Mary Jane Girls

15 Sep

The only upside of being stuck in my car for three hours last night on the normally 1/2 hour ride home from my bff Marci’s house after her break the Yom Kippur fast dinner, was listening to Boston Soul Station, WERS.

While I have a list of  songs from the station’s Saturday Slow Jam program that I was able to write down in my notebook while sitting idly on Route 95 South, I need one of the more upbeat tunes I heard for this morning’s Sunday cleaning routine.

My friend Karen, reminisced last night on FB how she used to imagine she was one of the singers, and asked to guess which one–I don’t think we ever did get the answer.  Karen…??

Enjoy your Sunday!


SOURCE:  www.youtube.com, All Night Long by Mary Jane Girls, posted by Mc0gw