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Who Knew? Singapore’s Racial Harmony Day

24 Apr

While looking for songs on racial harmony on Youtube, I came across a song sung by a group of young girls from Singapore.  The song, All for One, (lyrics re-written from the High School Musical tune of the same name) is a squeaky clean, eternally hopeful ditty that makes a plea for racial harmony between all the races in Singapore.

In fact, it seems that July 21st is designated as National Racial Harmony Day.  Here is the information I gathered from the site, www.ne.edu.sg

Schools commemorate Racial Harmony Day on 21st July. On this day in 1964, Singapore saw racial riots. Racial Harmony Day serves to remind our pupils that social division costs us dearly and that race and religion are potential fault-lines in Singapore society. It is a day for schools to reflect on, and celebrate our success as a harmonious nation and society built on a rich diversity of cultures and heritages.

Here is an example of what elementary school students do to commemorate the day:

Learning Points for Primary Schools

Students should learn to make friends with people of other races and religions and not make fun of people who are different. Students should also learn that in Singapore, people are treated equally regardless of their race and religion and they should also do the same. Students should appreciate the different cultures that make up Singapore.


What would an American Racial Harmony Day look like?  Would one National Day Event really work to promote and sustain racial harmony?  I’m not sure, but the food looked really good at Singapore’s Racial  Harmony Day!  Tell me here, what would you be sure to include in an American version of Racial Harmony Day?

Wendy Jane’s Saturday Sounds: Ebony and Ivory

24 Mar

How could I resist?

An 80’s  tribute to racial harmony from Stevie Wonder and Sir Paul that speaks directly to the shake  in Wendy Jane’s Soul Shake.  People might say I’m a Pollyanna, but back when this song came out, even though publicly we may have denounced it for it’s cheesiness, we all sang along, as if we were wishing upon a star, as if it were already true.

ebony…ivory….living together in perfect harmony…