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Thinking Out Loud, And Not The Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud, Though I Do Love That Lovely Song, This Is My Thinking Out Loud On Integration In Our Day-To-Day Lives

19 Feb

Crown Heights, NY

Crown Heights, NY – photo by Mo Scarpelli

It’s four years into my blog journey and it’s like you think you know what your blog is about and going to be about when you start out, but then, like life itself, the focus shifts and turns.  I started out wanting to explore what happens when we connect across colorlines, and the how and the why of why I’ve always been drawn to connect with others different than me, why I’ve been attracted to black culture, and matters of racial equality.

Then, with all that’s happened in the past few years in relation to race and racism, I found myself needing to write about […]

National Center For Race Amity Conference 2014

12 Dec

I was procrastinating on writing this post on the National Race Amity Conference in Norwood, Massachusetts that I attended in mid-November.  Then, the Ferguson indictment decision for police officer Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown case was televised, and I was overcome with sadness and anger, and immediately blogged about that the night of the decision.  I procrastinated some more, and then the heartbreaking decision to again, not indict.  This time it was the white policeman who caused Eric Garner’s death by placing him under a choke-hold.

I thought, how do I write about the conference […]

Wendy Jane’s Soul Shake: 2013 Blog In Review

31 Dec

Xernona Clayton and me, 2013 National Conference Race Amity


It’s hard for me to believe that February 2014 will mark the two-year anniversary of Wendy Jane’s Soul Shake.   I still feel somewhat new to this journey of exploring my passion for all things race relations, yet when I reflect on what I strove to discover and connect with in 2013, I feel happy and full.  I can’t wait for all that 2014 will bring my way, and thank all of you for all of your comments, and dialogue here on the blog, and in “the real world.”  I truly cherish making these connections, and I hope that during the times I’ve offended, and have been enlightened, I have done so with humility.  I have also cherished  moving through these difficult “bumps” and  embracing the opportunity to learn and grow.

Read on for the WJSS 2013 Year-In-Review: […]