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Nothing Compares 2 Prince

29 Apr


PrinceNaked on a white Pegasus horse with Afrosheen relaxed hair, or maybe, press and curl. Mouth rimmed with feathery moustache befitting a new prince.

He played every instrument. Every instrument.  Wrote every song. Recorded and produced the entire album.  I had never heard of such a thing.  I was 17. Prince was 21. This was not my crushing on Off The Wall Michael Jackson.  This was a bit dangerous. Like how […]

Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: Vanity 6, featuring Denise Matthews – Nasty Girl

21 Feb

Denise Matthews

Denise Matthews

A lot of us who were dancing in clubs in the 80’s can probably picture themselves moving to, or mouthing the words to, Vanity 6’s hit, Nasty Girl.  And, I saw on social media that hearing of the lead singer Vanity’s passing this week at the age of 57 due to kidney ailments, saddened many all over the world.

Vanity actually renounced her stage name and returned to her born name, Denise Matthews, in the late 1990’s. She had found God following an overdose on cocaine, and became an evangelist who spoke all over the country about her transformation.

Born in Ontario, Canada, Denise started […]

Happy Yesterday Birthday, Prince!

8 Jun

Ah, Prince!  He commands our complete attention, and packs so much talent into such a tiny, compact, dancing machine frame.  I’ve loved him since I bought his first, self-titled album, in 1979–you know, the one with him naked, his hair long and pressed, riding a white pegasus horse.  Everyone was all abuzz about this new guy who wrote, sang, and played every instrument on his own album.

I’ve danced throughout the decades to I Wanna Be Your Lover, Controversy, Pop Life, 1999, Raspberry Beret, and Musicology.


Happy Yesterday Birthday, Prince.  You are a musical genius!  Here is my early favorite, I Wanna Be Your Lover:  […]