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WJSS First Full-Length Interview: Kym Williams

30 Oct

I’ve wanted to do interviews for a while here on Wendy Jane’s Soul Shake, and after a brief foray into spontaneous interviewing via Facebook chat with an old high school friend, April Aubrey, I am back at it with my first full-length interview.

I am interviewing another high school friend, Kym Williams. Kym and I went to Wilby High School in Waterbury, Connecticut from 1975 to 1979—gosh, I feel old looking at those dates. Wilby was a very integrated school at the time, with a nearly 40% black student body.

I can’t lie and say that Kym and I were close friends, or even friends that hung over each other’s houses after school. I knew Kym. I liked Kym. My memories of Kym include her skipping down the hallways of Wilby singing and wearing Mickey Mouse ears. See, Kym is about as obsessed with Mickey Mouse as I am with race relations. I remember Kym’s laugh, her wicked sense of humor.

I picture Kym in a white button down blouse, grey vest, and black flared pants, and some kind of scarf, or was it a man’s tie, her shoulder-length hair parted on the side, neatly pressed and curled under. Did you have this outfit, Kym? Because that’s the outfit I always picture high school you in.

I admired Kym a little from afar, and if I hadn’t been so shy in high school, perhaps I could have claimed her as a closer friend. I am so, so glad and grateful that we have reconnected through Facebook. Kym has been a faithful reader and supporter of my blog, and is the person that suggested I do interviews here. Because of that I wanted to honor Kym with the first WJSS full-interview. Here we go….