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Do Parents Really Want Integrated Schools?

18 Oct

I am re-posting this New York Times article that I saw on my friend Kym’s Facebook status update.    Her comment attached to the article read, ‘I was reading between the lines…then they just openly said it!’

We say we want integrated schools but then move into neighborhoods with people that look just like us, make the same amount of money as us, and where we think the best schools are.  If we’re white, we pat ourselves on the back for sending our kids to schools that have diversity in their student bodies.

But what happens when school district lines get redrawn and all of sudden more children of color from a little farther away have the same opportunity to go to what is considered the “good public school” where the majority of the students are white, and whose families are able to afford the neighborhood real estate that gets them into that school in the first place? […]