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Wendy Jane’s Saturday Sounds: Oran “Juice” Jones, The Rain

7 Apr

I need something fun for today.  And, I don’t know how these old songs pop back into my head, but the 1986 classic, The Rain, by Oran “Juice” Jones did, so revel in it’s “juic-i-ness”–from the three tuxedoed back-up singers who suddenly appear on what looks like a Soho street, to Juice suddenly appearing on same street in stalker-mode, after spotting his girlfriend with another guy.  Savor the final scene in Juice’s luxury loft where he gives his girl the boot, in the slickest, smoothest, manner ever.

Famous for lines like:  I gave you things you couldn’t even pronounce.…and the ever popular:  you gotta go get on outta here with that alley-cat-coat-wearin-hush-puppy-shoe-wearin-crumb cake I saw you with

Enjoy–just be sure you learn your lesson like this young girl did, Oran “Juice” style. (Confession: When the video first came out, I used to feel sorry for her at the end when she’s walking home with just her t-shirts and leggings, no fancy pink leather dresses, make-up or jewels anymore…)