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Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: LL Cool J – I Need Love

26 Jul

ll cool j
LL Cool J I Need Love

LL Cool J

I saw via Okayplayer that July 22nd marked the 28 year anniversary of LL Cool J’s I Need Love, so I had to pay respect and feature it on WJSS Weekend Sounds.  Plus, I need love.

I remember when this came out,  thinking how smooth LL was, but I didn’t realize that I Need Love actually gave birth to the rap ballad, allowing LL and many rappers who followed, a chance to shed their hardcore personas for a softer, more romantic side.

No more to be said about this classic song and video which truly reflect the time in which they were made.  You only have to watch and listen.

SOURCE:  www.youtube.com, I Need Love, by LL Cool J, posted by LLCOOLJVeVO


photo credit: www.media.tumblr.com