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Mallory Ortberg Traces Origin Of White People Pleading To Use N-Word To Garden Of Eden

12 Dec


Garden of EdenI was tipped off to Mallory Ortberg’s blog post, The N-Word, White People, and The Garden of Eden via a tweet by staff writer for The Daily Beast, Jamelle Bouie, who called it “the most brilliant thing on the internet today.”  I would have to agree. What sayeth you?


Ortberg, author of the site, The Toast, imagines white people in the Garden of Eden pleading with God to use the N-Word, even if just once…

“And the Lord God spoke to white people, saying, All other words you may gladly say, and yet this n-word you may not speak, just the ONE word that’s off-limits. Literally just the one. Look at all the other words I have made for thee in this thy garden. Try saying all of them. There’s so many. “


Read Ortberg’s full article at www.the-toast.net



SOURCE:  www.the-toast.net, The N-Word, White People, and The Garden of Eden, by Mallory Ortberg, December 11, 2013

photo credit:  www.commons.wikimedia.org, Jacob de Backer, Garden of Eden