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Remembering Michael 5 Years Later

25 Jun

Michael Jackson - Off The Wall Album Cover

Michael Jackson – Off The Wall Album Cover

Today marks the five-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s passing, and I’m not sure what I want to say about that.

That I still miss him?  That my little bits of MJ memorabilia–the Michael light switch cover my sister-in-law Paula gifted me, the Best Of Michael Jackson 8-track cassette turned key holder hanging in my kitchen that I bought myself, the MJ in Billie Jean regalia hologram poster my sister Sarah gave me on a recent birthday–are teetering into fanatic fan territory?  That I’m grateful that so many of my friends tag me on photos and highly creative videos involving all things Michael on Facebook?  But, that I sometimes tire of having to defend Michael’s standing as one of the most talented entertainers of this century because a mostly younger generation only remembers the post-way too much plastic surgery Michael, or the pedophile rumors?

As for the last question, I know the Michael that even I long for most, is the Michael from the Jackson 5, all the way through his peak in the 1980’s.  I remember hanging his Off The Wall album cover–my favorite–on my college dorm wall, and dressing in a vintage tuxedo jacket with the sleeves rolled up when I went out dancing.  I can freeze Michael there, and not have to worry about the sadness that creeped into his life, the price of fame, the emotional and physical pain that he sought to escape, and fix by remaking his identity over and over again, until there was barely anything recognizable left of him.

Except his talent, and his passion, and his mastery of his art.  That never waned. His music, and the small tokens around my home remind me of his greatness. Today I wear my MJ earrings.  Proudly.

Here is a link to a wonderful piece that Rolling Stone Magazine put out this week in honor of Michael:  50 Best Michael Jackson Songs.

What do you want to remember about Michael?  Share your comments here.




Photo Credit: www.onehellofaneye.com



Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds (Leni’s pick) : Bruno Mars – Young Girls

29 Jun

My daughter Leni and I were two lucky gals who got to see Bruno Mars in concert this week.  Bruno may be short, but Leni and I agree, he is a powerhouse!  His singing, dancing and showmanship, outstanding!  So many singers only sound good on their studio-enhanced recordings, but Bruno’s voice is rich, textured and powerful.  The band, with a great horn section, and the back-up singers were tight.

I want to call him, like friends of mine have intimated, my MJ replacement.  I think in time, I can.

This weekend’s song pick is from Leni–her favorite:  Young Girls.

The video on youtube posted by Prince Kiki, in which Bruno performs for a French audience,  had these comments posted below.  I agree with the French guy–give the audience a break–so what if they can’t clap in time?

American gal: whoo, how can people clapping off the key so badly xD

French guy: Bruno Mars is an american singer. It’s very rare for us, french people to have a chance to see him perform live in a TV show, and you have like 1 chance in a million to be a part of the audience. People were just very excited and wanted to show how much they appreciate him, by doin’ something, and they were clapping. It’s not pretty, but it’s not that bad. Don’t be so hard on them. Let them be happy. And be happy that Bruno Mars is from your country, we only have one concert date in Paris.




SOURCE:  www.youtube.com, posted by prince kiki, Bruno Mars – Young Girls (Live- Le Grand Journal)

Photo credit: www.last.fm

Why Are You Wearing Those Michael Jackson Earrings?

25 Jun

Why are you wearing those Michael Jackson earrings?” the adult patient asked me at the hospital I work for.  “Is there a special reason?…Or, do you just like him or something?”

Some of the patients who have been in the hospital before and know me, know the MJ earrings, and know the answer all too well.  But, this new patient didn’t, so I told him… […]

Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: Michael Jackson – Human Nature

23 Jun

Tuesday, June 25th will be the 4 year anniversary of MJ’s passing.

In his honor:  Human Nature.




SOURCE:  www.youtube.com MichaelJacksonVEVO



The MJ One Cirque de Soleil Show: Never Grow Up and Still Never Can Say Good-bye

14 Jun

Moments before the MJ One Cirque de Soleil Show
Moments Before the MJ One Cirque de Soleil Show

Can’t contain my giddiness: moments away from The MJ One Show

I am lucky.  I got to see the brand spanking new Michael Jackson One Cirque de Soleil show in Las Vegas last week.

Most of you who know me, know what a huge fan of MJ I am.  Okay, many of you think I’m over-the-top obsessed with him, which is why seeing the One show in Vegas, the epicenter of excess, was so perfect.  And, if you didn’t know, and need proof of how obsessed I am, you can read some of my earlier posts on Michael like All Right, I’m Finally Breaking Out The MJ, Calling Michael Jackson, and My MJ Thievery: There Goes The Neighborhood.

I even planned a special outfit for the night of the show:  my grandmother, Nanny Frances’s black cocktail dress, my MJ afro-puff earrings, and a purse I hand-painted the famed image of MJ’s on-his-toes black lace-up shoes and sparkle socks.  I was good to go… […]

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Wendy Jane’s Soul Shake First 2013 Stories Coming Soon!

7 Jan

Happy New Year to everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed, or at least, survived the holidays, and are ready to hit the streets with renewed vigor, like we all try to do in January, right?

And, that means I have to get my blog writing self back into gear after a brief holiday break that included, yes, you guessed it,  several delightful MJ gifts!  My older sister, Sarah, gifted me with a Michael Jackson hologram poster, and my sister-in-law, Paula, gave me some new MJ earrings.  How many of you can say that you have two pairs of MJ earrings in your jewelry box?  All right, maybe some of you don’t want to have two pair of MJ earrings, or one even for that matter, but you’re happy for me, right?

I hope I can make all of you happy with this new year’s first WJSS post.  The next post to launch will be […]

Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: Aloe Blacc Billie Jean Cover + Bonus MJ posts

29 Dec

I stumbled upon this  cover of Billie Jean while trying to check out if soul singer, Aloe Blacc, had anything new out to listen to. The performance/video was a collaboration between Aloe–looking mighty dapper in his tux–composer Mihalj “Miki” Kekenj, and painter, Jaybo that took place in April 2011.

As most of you probably know by now, I can’t resist anything that has anything to do with Michael Jackson.  Aloe’s performance with the string quartet here definitely doesn’t disappoint.  Please enjoy.  And, for proof of my love of all things MJ, please click on the following links to past blog posts on the King of Pop:

All Right, I’m Finally Breaking Out The MJ

Calling Michael Jackson

Top 10 Things I Do To Get Black People To Notice (Like) Me

My MJ Thievery: There Goes The Neighborhood

Happy Birthday, MJ!


Wow, I didn’t realize that I had written that many MJ related posts.

Now…on to Aloe Blacc and Billie Jean!

SOURCE:  www.youtube.com, Contra Bang

Happy Birthday, MJ!

29 Aug

Me and MJ tee

Oh, Mikey!  What can I say, but Happy Birthday!  Some say I’m obsessed, but I know what I know.  And, that is… […]

My MJ Thievery: There Goes The Neighborhood

20 Aug

It’s not always that when black people move into a white neighborhood, white people say to themselves, “there goes the neighborhood!”  Sometimes it’s the other way around.  Like the time I got caught defacing property in a black neighborhood in Brooklyn.  It was all because of Michael Jackson.  […]

Remembering Michael Jackson

27 Jun

I wrote this essay right after Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009.  It follows my love of Michael as a young girl, my trying to find my own “Michael” with my childhood and teen year crushes, and the development of my love for Michael as an artist.  Whatever your feelings for Michael are, I hope the world continues to recognize how truly gifted he was, and the vast contributions he made to the history of music and entertainment.  R.I. P.  Michael.

It’s lengthy, but please enjoy my essay, MICHAEL JACKSON ADMITS TO LOVING WENDY