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Wendy Jane Does Grub Street’s Muse and the Marketplace Conference in Boston

14 May

Last weekend was my third year at  Grub Street’s, Muse and the Marketplace ConferenceGrub Street is the second largest creative writing center in the U.S., and the conference offered a weekend of workshops on craft, publishing and marketing one’s work, as well as author readings, a keynote speaker (this year, Julia Alvarez), and opportunities to make appointments with agents and editors.

My friend, Susan, an amazing writer, and one of the members of the writing group I’m in, is the person who first told me about the Muse.   She’s also the one who convinced our other writing group friend Ellen and me to stay overnight in Boston instead of driving back to Providence, so that we wouldn’t have to wake up so early to take the train back in.  Despite having to run down the street to Marshall’s for some overnight essentials,  Susan had the right idea.  We were able to enjoy two author readings by Wendy Call and Eileen Pollack, who had won Grub Street’s National Book Prize.   We also had fun staying up all night having pillow fights, and talking about boys, er…I mean, books. […]