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Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: Self-Destruction by KRS-One’s Stop The Violence Crew (R.I.P.) Ms. Melodie

22 Jul

This goes out in honor of Ms. Melodie, rapper, and former wife of hip-hop activist, KRS-One, who founded Boogie Down Productions, and The Stop The Violence Movement, which brought together old school hip-hop artists and youth in the late 80’s to fight against violence in the hip-hop and African American communities.

The powerful hit by the Stop The Violence Movement, Self Destruction, was resurrected this week when news broke that Ms. Melodie, a rapper on the famed Stop the Violence music video from 1989, passed away at the age of 43.  Check her out in the video at 3:18.  Ms. Melodie, who was married to KRS One for six years, was well-liked for her representation of herself as a strong, positive, talented black woman in hip-hop.

Here’s the classic video featuring many greats from, okay, I’ll say it, back in the day.