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Re-post from Colorlines.com: Clowns Attack KKK Rally

14 Nov

I learned from my Dad how to have a sense of humor.  He uses his to make people laugh.  Growing up, I remember him also using it to get out of sticky situations, like when my mother got mad at him for something, he’d pretend to cower, his hands shielding one side of his face, while smiling and winking at my sisters and me.  We’d laugh, and probably unconsciously all felt relieved that Mom and Dad weren’t having a serious argument.  I was just a kid and never thought about how my mother felt at the time. Now, I can see that it probably annoyed her.

Yet, I also know that I too have come to use humor to deflect conflict, to make uncomfortable situations more comfortable.  Most of the time it works; sometimes I have to admit to myself that I am using it as avoidance of dealing with something that needs to be dealt with in a more serious, direct manner.

Below is an article I’ve re-posted from www.colorlines.com that tells the recent story of how a group of protestors organized by the Latin American Coalicion came up with a novel way to rally against members of the KKK in North Carolina.  I think it’s pretty great.  I’ve come to learn firsthand that you can’t reason or argue with someone whose racist beliefs are so deeply rooted as members of the KKK and other neo-Nazi hate groups’ are.  These people are actually energized by those who challenge their views.  That’s why I like the tactic of the clown costumes and comical signs carried by the anti-racism protestors.  They believe you shouldn’t fight hate with hate, but you can show haters how ridiculous the hate in their heart is with the use of some good old-fashioned humor.

Clowns Attack KKK Rally in Charlotte, NC with Humor

(All photos by Yash Mori)

by Jorge Rivas, Monday, November 12 2012, 2:14 PM EST


On Saturday, a Neo Nazi hate group in Charlotte, North Carolina held a rally made up of about 50 supporters. But their biggest enemies turned out to be over a hundred clowns. According to local reports, the Neo Nazi protesters were outnumbered at least five to one.

The National Socialist Movement (NSM), a neo-nazi hate group, was supposed to hold an anti-immigration rally but they were drowned out by all the clowns making noise.

Counter-protesters brought squeaky toys, whistles, noise-makers, red noses and flour—every time the NSM mentioned “white power” the counter demonstrators sprinkled white flour in to the air.

The counter demonstration was organized by the Latin American Coalición, according to their website they’re “a community of Latin Americans, immigrants and allies that promotes full and equal participation of all people in the civic, economic and cultural life of North Carolina through education, celebration and advocacy.”

“The message from us is, you look silly,” Lacey Williams, the youth coordinator for Charlotte’s Latin American Coalición, told WCNC. “We’re dressed like clowns and you’re the ones that look funny.”

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the NSM is an organization that specializes in theatrical and provocative protests and is one of the largest and most prominent neo-Nazi groups in the United States.

(All photos courtesy of Yash Mori)















(All photos courtesy of Yash Mori)


SOURCE:  www.colorlines.com, Clowns Attack KKK Rally In Charlotte, North Carolina With Humor, by Jorge Rivas, Monday, November 12, 2012