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Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: Cody Chestnutt – What Kind Of Cool Will We Think Of Next

24 Feb

I want to think I’m cool and up on what’s good, current music, but alas, I am not…at all.  Luckily,  I have friends to show me what’s what.  My friend Gary told me about Cody Chesnutt, a neo-soul singer who gained some fame in 2002 for having one of his songs, The Seed,  re-recorded on the Roots’ album, Phrenology.

Cody recently released his first full-length album in ten years, Landing On A Hundred, and is now touring through Europe.  He was just here in Boston for a show, which I missed.  I hope he comes back because I am in love with his voice and his sound.  Enjoy!


SOURCE:  www.youtube.com,Cody ChesnuTT, What Kind Of Cool Will We Think Of Next, posted by  indian jukebox, photo:  www.musicpictures.com