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Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: The White Boy Soul of Justin Timberlake

17 Jun

I don’t mind admitting that I like Justin Timberlake, and since they’ve been playing his 2007 hit, What Goes Around,  on the radio a lot recently, it’s going to be my weekend share here.   This song about love and betrayal, was off his Future Sex/Love Sounds album that Justin co-wrote and produced with Timbaland and Nate Hill.

What Goes Around is the kind of song I can’t keep myself from doing the soul nod to–and even had to get out of my seat while typing to dance to it.  So what I was in my bedtime t-shirt and leggings.

Who is your white boy soul singer crush?




P.S.  Don’t tell, and I really don’t like him, but I also can’t stop doing the soul nod to Justin Beiber’s,  Boyfriend. What is it with these Justins?