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Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: Kriss Kross (In Memory of Chris Kelly, RIP)

5 May


kriss krossWho doesn’t remember those two cute little tweens, Chris Kelly and Chris Smith, or “Mac Daddy” and “Daddy Mac” of the rap duo Kriss Kross? They were all the rage when their hit Jump came out in 1992.  These young Atlanta, Georgia natives also introduced to the world their own trademark style of wearing their jeans and shirts backwards.  It’s said that Chris Kelly never stopped wearing his pants backwards, it was just a way of life for him up until his untimely death this week at age 34.

Strangely, I had included a line about Kriss Kross in my April 19, 2013 Facebook Poem of the Day (poems I create using others’ Status Update posts).  Here’s the poem.



the world is a vast and diverse place

restless. ready for a road trip

Brooklyn bound! surrounded

by Waterbury’s finest

life is a donut. take a bite.

I want the gold one!

wow…maybe I do need

to write a book

I’m not that big on material stuff

I think I prefer a snowstorm

kriss kross will make you…

so nice,posted twice

kriss kross will make you…

ahhhhh…that’s the Facebook I

know and love


Poem Contributors: Lisa C, Deb K., Amie, Jay, John J, Heather P, Warren (2x), Nancy S (representing Boston), David H, Les, And Chachi


And, now, in honor of Chris Kelly and Kriss Kross, put your pants on backwards and…JUMP!