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I’m Down With OOB, Yeah, You Know Me

13 Aug

Real live text excerpt from Wendy Jane and her friend, Manny:

Manny:  Good morning

Wendy:  Hood morning

Manny:  I’m sure it is a good morning in the hood.

Wendy:  Woops. Typo, from the OOB.

Manny:  I’m not privy to that hood talk, can you fill me in?

Wendy:  OOB is white people’s talk for Old Orchard Beach.  This is not to be confused with ODB (Note: the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard from the WuTang Clan)

Manny:  Lol

…and not to be confused with the rap song, OPP by Naughty by Nature, but yeah, after this past week’s trip, I’m down with OOB, except for a few short, journalistic wimp outs on my part…. read on to find out…. […]