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In Honor of Father’s Day: Re-Post of “Is Poppy A Black American?”

18 Jun

Okay, today is two-for-one day–two posts for the price of one!  When I heard of Rodney King’s passing, I had to acknowledge this loss with a post.  I had alreadyplanned on posting the below piece in honor of Father’s Day, so I hope some newer readers enjoy it.

This piece was first written when my older daughter, Leni, was seven years younger than she is now.  She now has a more formed opinion about her mother’s obsession with race relations that I’m sure will appear in a future

“Mommy, I have a secret to tell you,” my then, five-year old daughter Leni exclaimed, as we sat eating lunch in a Pennsylvania pub-style restaurant.

We were on a summer road trip, traveling from Tulsa, Oklahoma where we had lived for several years, to my home state of Connecticut. Leni and her little sister Darla were going to visit their grandpa, their “Poppy.”

Cupping her hand over my ear, Leni whispered… […]