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Elation and Ouch!: WJSS Post on Black Twitter, My First CrossOver Hit

18 Oct


Justin TimberlakeI felt like Justin Timberlake last week.  I hear people talking all the time about him being an artist now making music for a black audience, as evidenced in a snippet from The Root article by Jocelyn A. Wilson, Miley, JT, and the Politics of Appropriation(August 30, 2103):

 …What I know to be true is that JT has developed a natural and unforced authenticity that fosters endorsement from the black community when he sings and dances. Cyrus’ style of appropriation looks forced, natural and disrespectful.

JT has figured it out partly because of his artistic development under the direction of super-producer Timothy Mosley, aka “Timbaland.” And Timbaland, being the musical genius that he is, saw a real sense of soul in a young Timberlake. JT doesn’t try to “act black.” He’s simply a white guy from Memphis, Tenn., who has been successful in crossing over from a majority only-white audience when he was with NSYNC to a substantial black audience post-NSYNC.

My big crossover moment came when… […]

Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds (For Trayvon): Marvin Gaye – Save The Children

14 Jul

I am sick over the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case.  I hoped Zimmerman would be found guilty for shooting and killing Trayvon.   The sentiments were flowing on Facebook, including television show producer, Issa Rae’s post, which read: “He literally profiled and followed a young, unarmed black boy, murdered him and now gets to live his “guiltless” life. What is this?”

I think I need a little Marvin for my soul, to question what is going on in our world right now, and to instill hope in my heart that we all will speak up about what is wrong, to speak up for justice, and do the work it takes to make the world a better place.


SOURCE:  www.youtube.com, Marvin Gaye – Save The Children (1971) posted by rovingeye2 on 12/6/08

My Awkward White Girl Moment(s)

2 Apr

I don’t know why, but it took me a while to muster the courage to tell friends and family that I was starting a blog about my obsession with race relations.  For one, even though I love to write, I have a real hard time expressing myself verbally.  I get all tongue-tied, and with the blog topic, especially, I thought people might not “get it.”  They might think it was strange.  They might think I’m coming at it from an angle as an academic, activist, or someone very dry and serious.

I am none of those things.

I’m just a gal who can’t stop thinking about the relationship between black and white people, and who tries to  use humor and lightness to share about my obsession, and to connect and hear others’ feelings and experiences around race relations.

So, why the My Awkward White Girl Moment(s) title?…. […]