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Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: By Request – Outstanding by The Gap Band

4 Nov

This weekend’s song was a request by my Aunt Jane for some Gap Band, and from some reminiscing by my friend Karen, who remembers her sister wearing this record out!

Fun Fact:  The Gap Band members are from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I lived for several years in the early 2000’s. My move to Tulsa from New York City was the whole reason I started this blog!



Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: Cameo – Sparkle

27 Oct

Nothing like a pre-hurricane soulful love song.

I had this album way back when.   Used to love to dance to all of Cameo’s funk hits like Back and Forth, and I Just Want To BeSparkle was the one I listened to when I daydreamed about the next perfect boyfriend I was sure to soon meet.