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Fear Of A Black(less) Planet

12 Mar

The title of the post is derived from the rap group, Public Enemy’s hit, Fear Of A Black Planet . The song speaks about the fear of black blood mixing with white blood and making it impure. I believe I carry a smug satisfaction as a white person who has always cared so much about forming relationships with black people, and so, no, I don’t fear a Black Planet. Right now what I am worried about is the importance of the struggle between the black-white relationship losing its significance, and I selfishly don’t want everything I’ve cared about not to matter anymore.

It’s not that I believe we now live in a post-racial society where race doesn’t matter just because we have our first black President. I’m afraid, just like war and poverty, racism and inequities between people with differing races and ethnicities will never completely go away. While there have been improvements and gains for black people in this country, there is still a long way to go to undo the centuries of imbalance in a system that has put white people in a place of privilege. And, sadly, there will always be ignorance and fear—the fear of someone different from one’s self, the fear of the unknown.

So, what am I worried about? […]