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WJSS Weekend Sounds: Tribute to Nelson Mandela

8 Dec

Many of you know I write daily poems made from my friends’ status updates on facebook.  On Thursday night, I wrote a poem in honor of the passing of one of my, and the world’s, greatest heros, Nelson Mandela.  I am sad that he is gone from the planet, but in my heart can celebrate the tremendous gift of courage, persistence, love and forgiveness that he modeled for all of us.    Here is the poem written from the many voices expressing their gratitude for the great Nelson Mandela, followed by a tribute song, Mr. Mandela by Trenton and Free Radical featuring the Cape Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. (more…) […]

Wendy Jane’s Facebook Poems Cross Colorlines Daily

30 May

By now, most of you know about my Facebook poems, the daily poems I create from my friends’ status updates.  Well, it’s crossed my mind, more than once, that these poems are a melding of many voices:  black, white, Latino, Cape Verdean, Asian, and more.  How often do we get to hear voices come together in one piece of work, other than in song?

Here are three recent poems that bring a diversity of voices together […]

Hail The Queen: R.I.P. Donna Summer

18 May

It seems lately I’ve been writing too many of these celebrity mourning pieces for my daily Facebook poems, made from my friends’ status updates.  I was thinking I’d do one for Chuck Brown, the king of Go-Go music, who passed away just yesterday, but when I heard today that Donna Summer had died, I had to honor the queen of disco here first.

I remember hearing once on a radio interview that she happened on the disco thing by accident.  In the 70’s, Donna sang in a number of musicals, including a German production of Godspell, and was part of a Viennese Opera Company.  She told the interviewer of being coaxed to develop the persona of a disco diva once she earned recognition with the infamous , Love To Love You Baby, a 17-minute long single chock full of coos, moans and groans.  As an underage teen sneaking into my local disco, I danced the evening away, with Donna’s powerful, energetic voice carrying me long into the night, until it was time for that, come too soon, Last Dance.

This is for you, Donna.  Thanks for playing the diva for all of us.

FACEBOOK POEM OF THE DAY (made from your posts)



if you don’t mind
throw up your peace signs
in honor of the
disco legend
r.i.p. Donna Summer
talking bout
bad bad girls
yeah the queen of disco
but she sho’
could sing
love to love you
what would
disco be
without her
thanks Donna
last dance
the dreams
will be sweet

Wendy Jane’s Facebook Poem Of The Day

16 Mar

In a prior post, I mentioned that I write daily poems on Facebook  made from my friends’ posts.  And, even though I thought I’d take a break after completing my 30 posts in 30 days goal, I couldn’t resist posting last night’s FB poem.  There were so many posts on racism, that I thought it fitting I share it here.

FACEBOOK POEM OF THE DAY (made from your posts)

…you write the posts, I just put ’em together-strange how many posts mentioned racism today…

where the white man
went wrong
what’s up with
all these racist receipts?
“ugly itch”
She is probably
plotting revenge

weird incident
Charlize Theron adopts
a black baby
no hate
Black on Black & White
stay native my friends

Blatant racism just
the way I like it
Mitt Romney: I can relate
to Black people. My
ancestors once
owned slaves
…but we knew
this already
Beyond Black & White


Thanks to the people whose posts I used:  Deb, Philip, Christopher, The Root, Philbrook Museum of Art, Beyond Black & White, Russell