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Follow-Up On Everett’s The Freedom Project Or, How “White Ladies” and “Thugs” Must Work Together To Make Things Better

26 Mar

I received a note from Dorothy Jungels, co-founder and Artistic Director of Everett, after she read yesterday’s post, I Should Tell You About Everett Company, Stage & School’s The Freedom Project (Instead Of My MJ Magazine)

Dorothy generously thanked me and then she gave me her insights into the evenings’ performance and talk-back.  I had failed to mention in my post that when the young boy at the center of the A Boy Named Nothing performance meets up with dancer Sokeo Ros, who represents Scar Face, or the “bad guy,”  Scar Face convinces the boy that they need him to be the bad guy because it makes them look good.

Here’s an excerpt of Dorothy’s note, that gave me another perspective on how to frame what I witnessed at the Everett performance: