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NewsFlash: 12 Year-Old Twins 2014 Oscar Predictions

2 Mar

Ethan and Dylan Itkin of Flick Flack Movie Talk

Ethan and Dylan Itkin, of Flick Flack Movie Talk blog


Remember these names:  Dylan and Ethan Itkin.  These two 12 year-old twin brothers are the voices behind the blog, flick flack movie talk, two boys talking about film.  I know the boys because they are in the same grade as my daughter, Darla.  Also, their mother, Anisa Raoof,  the new Executive Director of the Providence Children’s Film Festival, is one of the first people I met when I moved here, and as soon as we honed in on that creativity and the arts fuel us both, we became fast friends.

Dylan and Ethan are extraordinary in their love for film, and everything about film.  These boys are serious–they make films, write screen plays, and review films on their blog.  They do their homework, too.  I remember once seeing stacks and stacks of books on film and film criticism in their room, and I know they can’t wait for the New York Times Sunday paper so that they can pore over the movie reviews there.

Last night, at the boy’s annual family Pre-Oscar Party (I told you they were serious–they once held the party Oscar night, but the adults were too noisy and they couldn’t hear the show, so now the party is the night before) we were treated to great food, conversation, and movie screenings of two Academy Award nominated films, 20 Feet from Stardom, and Frozen.  And, a moment we all look forward to:  Dylan and Ethan’s Oscar winner predictions.  […]