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Hail The Queen: R.I.P. Donna Summer

18 May

It seems lately I’ve been writing too many of these celebrity mourning pieces for my daily Facebook poems, made from my friends’ status updates.  I was thinking I’d do one for Chuck Brown, the king of Go-Go music, who passed away just yesterday, but when I heard today that Donna Summer had died, I had to honor the queen of disco here first.

I remember hearing once on a radio interview that she happened on the disco thing by accident.  In the 70’s, Donna sang in a number of musicals, including a German production of Godspell, and was part of a Viennese Opera Company.  She told the interviewer of being coaxed to develop the persona of a disco diva once she earned recognition with the infamous , Love To Love You Baby, a 17-minute long single chock full of coos, moans and groans.  As an underage teen sneaking into my local disco, I danced the evening away, with Donna’s powerful, energetic voice carrying me long into the night, until it was time for that, come too soon, Last Dance.

This is for you, Donna.  Thanks for playing the diva for all of us.

FACEBOOK POEM OF THE DAY (made from your posts)



if you don’t mind
throw up your peace signs
in honor of the
disco legend
r.i.p. Donna Summer
talking bout
bad bad girls
yeah the queen of disco
but she sho’
could sing
love to love you
what would
disco be
without her
thanks Donna
last dance
the dreams
will be sweet