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Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: David Bowie – Changes (and the changes he tried to get MTV to make)

17 Jan

David Bowie

David Bowie

The world lost one of its artistic stars this past week, David Bowie.

I wasn’t honed in on David Bowie when I was a teen because I was so into listening to funk and soul and R & B, but he was in my periphery and I always thought what he was doing was cool.  I wish I could say I was literate in Ziggy Stardust and all of the phases of artistic growth and change that David Bowie morphed into, but alas I was not hip to it. A college friend I had who was really into punk rock and the emerging new wave scene was a big fan, and she introduced more of his work to me.  Of course, when he became more mainstream and his sound more obviously influenced by soul and R & B, I became even more familiar with his work, and connected easily with his crossover hit, Just Dance.

So, while I don’t have the pedigree to declare myself a diehard fan fully in touch with Bowie’s entire catalog of work or person-hood, I admired him as an artist; a visionary, and for his attention to showing how artists of color didn’t have the voice or inclusion in the industry, in particular, in the emerging music video scene on MTV.  Watch this clip, and then enjoy a Bowie classic, Changes.


David Bowie, Changes