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Leni-isms: My Daughter, My Muse

17 Sep

As you might recall, my twelve year-old daughter Leni has been a constant muse for my writings on race and race relations.  From the time she asked me at age six whether new friends I spoke about were black or white, or whether my father, her “Poppy,” was a Black American, to recently insisting I would like a certain singer on American Idol because he was black, and that all of my friends on Facebook are black, Leni, I think, continues to be intrigued and at times perplexed by what she calls, “my obsession with black people.”

So, in honor of Leni’s continued curiosity, and desire to reach out and understand and connect with me through this whatever you call I am doing here–which is, I suppose my own journey to understand my desire to connect across color lines, to care about making connections, and to tred through this territory, not being afraid to make missteps, and coming out in the end, hopefully a better person for it–I am now coining Leni’s musings as Leni-isms.

Here are two Leni’isms for today.    […]