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Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: Cab Calloway – St. James Infirmary

1 Dec

Waking up to a little bit of snow on the ground on this quiet Saturday morning somehow made me long for an escape to the old Hollywood black and white movies I loved watching when I was in my teens–the silkiness and rich textures  of the varying shades of the actor and actress’s clothing, skin, and 1940’s set design felt luxurious to me.


Today I want to be there alongside them, in a flowing gown, stacked velvet heels, and rhinestone earrings.  Today I want to be sitting at the candlelit booth at the club, Cab Calloway and his band playing  St. James Infirmary.  Today I want to look up to find a gentleman in a pinstripe suit, slicked back hair and pencil thin mustache ask for  my hand for a slow, sad dance on the dancefloor.