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Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: Erykah Badu featuring Stephen Marley Sing I’m In Love With You via Melodies and Harmonies FB Page

25 Nov

An old high school friend of mine, Warren Leach, recently created a Facebook Open Group page, titled Melodies and Harmonies (The Unsung, Underplayed and Underappreciated)

–I’ve reposted Warren’s words on Melodies and Harmonies’ About page which gives you the lowdown:

This is an Informal page to Post, Share and Enjoy Unknown, Un-Hyped, Unsupported, and Under-appreciated Artists and Music… Artists with Ability, Heart and Skill… Leaning towards Neo-Soul, R&B, and Anything Breaking New Ground…Also this is a Page to support local artists with a story to tell

All Good Music is Welcome…
We all Appreciate good music and the vision and voice of the artists… I just ask we keep cursing on the page and in the music to a minimum..
There is quite a range of titles featured, and you are welcome to post your own.  As Warren admits, there are posts by well-known artists like Adele, Amy Winehouse and Curtis Mayfield, but there are also posts of artists that are lesser known–to me anyway, like sultry R & B singer, Sy Smith,  or singer, multi-instrumentalist, and dj Vikter Duplaix, who started out his musical training singing in church choirs in Philadelphia and Augusta Georgia, where he was raised.
There are lots of 60’s, 70’sand 80’s soul and funk songs I remember from my youth–perhaps a reflection of the age of the group members who are posting songs.  That’s all good with me, especially for when I’m in a nostalgic mood.  Finally, there are also posts of up and coming local talents from my hometown of Waterbury, Connecticut.  I enjoyed a wonderful rendition of The Black Keys’, Tighten Up by Brittnee Maia.

I am posting a song that was posted by Kevin Perry on Melodies and Harmonies that I’ve always thought was beautiful, but hadn’t heard in quite some time:  Erykah Badu’s I’m In Love With You, featuring Stephen Marley.  Makes me wanna slow dance in my living room–too bad it’s just me and my cat here right now.  Enjoy! …and please visit and join Melodies and Harmonies.  That way we can all share with one another our untapped music discoveries, and I can keep building my music library.





(Melodies and Harmonies facebook group page)


Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: Cameo – Sparkle

27 Oct

Nothing like a pre-hurricane soulful love song.

I had this album way back when.   Used to love to dance to all of Cameo’s funk hits like Back and Forth, and I Just Want To BeSparkle was the one I listened to when I daydreamed about the next perfect boyfriend I was sure to soon meet.