Repost from Humans Of New York: “Things Are Getting Better”

5 Mar

You probably know about Humans of New York–the photography project of street photographer Brandon Stanton who documents ordinary New Yorkers, and somehow manages them to share extraordinary stories.  If you don’t, you should check it out. Here’s one of Brandon’s subjects.

“The army stationed me down South when I was younger, and I couldn’t even use the same bathroom as white people. But things have changed so much. The younger generation isn’t nearly as racist. I’ve been sitting here for fifty years. So much has changed. This neighborhood used to be all black. A white person couldn’t even walk down this street. All the races kept to themselves. Now you’ve got Indians talking to Pakistanis, blacks talking to whites, everybody is here and learning from each other’s cultures. I’ve been sitting here for 50 years. Things are getting better.”

With so much going on in regards to race that is negative, I look to places where there is positivity, movement to make things better, to connect in positive ways.  This man gives me some hope.

Thanks, Brandon, for the amazing photos, and even more so for the stories that you get people from all walks of life to share with you, and in turn, with all of us.  They are little treasures, each one of them.

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SOURCE:  Blog re-post from Humans of New York, February 28, 2014

Photo Credit: Brandon Stanton


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