Re:post from The Root: Coulter on ‘Freedom Riders’ and ‘Black Gals’

25 Sep

I will let Ann Coulter speak for herself here in this re-posted article from The Root.  She just left me kind of speechless.  Be sure to watch the video, and then leave your comments below.

Coulter on ‘Freedom Riders’ and ‘Black Gals’

Coulter on 'Freedom Riders' and 'Black Gals'

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News

Ann Coulter, who is evidently living in some year way before 2012 (and quite possibly the Jim Crow era), joked in commentary on Fox & Friends on Tuesday that television hosts Lawrence O’Donnell and Bill Maher think of themselves as “freedom riders” because they date “black gals.”

No, really. That’s not out of context. Here’s the exact quote: “These are not people who have black friends, who know black people. Oh, sorry, except, you know, Lawrence O’Donnell and Bill Maher, who date black gals. So they think they’re freedom riders.” It goes without saying that the joke said more about her thinking than it does about theirs, whomever they may be involved with romantically.

Oh, and Coulter made the remark in the process of accusing MSNBC host Rachel Maddow of being too complimentary of African-American program guests (not something we would put among the top racial-justice issues of our time, but she’s entitled to her opinion).

Nice, Ann. Nothing like making fun of someone for dating interracially to simultaneously invalidate everything you’ve just said and cement your place as the nonexpert of the century on racial bias.

P.S. If you do ever decide to join the rest of us in the modern age of race relations (where people don’t actually think that loving someone of another race transforms them into a civil rights activist), update the outdated vocabulary along with the outdated thinking: No one says “gals.”


SOURCE:, Coulter On “Freedom Riders” and “Black Gals”, by Jenee Desmond-Harris, September 25, 2012




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