President Re-Elect Barack Obama 4 More Years!

7 Nov

Hallelujah!  It was a nail biter, but President Barack Obama has been re-elected and will serve our country for 4 more years.  I feel all happy and shiny inside and out!  What made me feel all warm and proud last night was watching on television the sea of faces in Times Square and Chicago–white, black, Asian, Latino, straight, gay–cheering to the news that the President had in fact been re-elected.

Now, you might think, oh sure, Wendy Jane is happy just because the President is black.  You would be only partly right. I am glad to see that after all of these years, after the immense struggles and oppression black people in this country have suffered over the last few centuries–from slavery, to Jim Crow, to civil rights and voting rights, I am extremely thrilled that we have come to this age in time where we have a black man voted into the office of President of the United States.

I am also thrilled because I believe President Obama is the best man for the job. I have faith in him to work for all of us, not just the wealthy.  I have faith that he will care about equal pay for women, and for a woman’s right to choose.  I have two daughters.  These issues are important to me.  I have faith that Obama cares about people and not just corporations.   That he wants to improve our health care situation.  I am not a  politically savvy person that knows all of the details of the many complex issues we face as a nation, but I know in my gut, and from what my more savvy friends school me on,  that Barack Obama is the right person to lead this country in the right direction in these next four years, if only we will let him do his job.  The thought of the other guy was much too frightening to even give any page space to.

Yay, President Obama! We heart you!



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