R.I.P. Whitney Houston

16 Feb


When I’m not obsessing about race, I write daily poems on Facebook that are made from my friends’ Status Updates.

This one is in honor of Whitney Houston, and reflects the outpouring of emotions from so many individuals on the day of her passing.  I think it does a better job than I can do right now, as I pour over my memories of Whitney,  her incredible voice, and the songs she gave us–songs that shaped our lives during the 1980’s and 90’s.  Thankfully, the memories eventually keep circling back to, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,”  as if I could will one more dance with Whitney.



FACEBOOK POEM OF THE DAY (made from friends’ status updates)


RIP Whitney Houston


All I could do

was gasp in


say it ain’t so!

I get so emotional

baby (I really am right now)

and that voice

oh my God!

you had

the voice of an angel

where do broken hearts go

didn’t we almost

have it all

I will

always love you

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